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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

THinK Best Practice Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business Processes are vital within any organization as they provide core-operating

structures and ultimately should deliver value to the organization.  An emphasis on

the creation and delivery of value provides a focus for analysis and development of

improvement initiatives.


THinK has built a strong reputation amongst its diverse clientele for delivering real

value through Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).


Understanding existing processes in an organization is essential. Critical to the unique

Diamond Methodology © approach is the understanding and realization of the strengths

and limitations of existing client business processes.


THinK utilizes experienced consultants who possess the necessary analytical tools.

The Diamond Methodology © provides a process review framework that is flexible

enough to satisfy all client needs.  A fully integrated solution can be formulated and

delivered only after a careful analysis of all business processes within the context of

the following five Strategic Development Areas:


  • Organization and Structure

  • Technology and Customer Service

  • Process and Practices

  • Personnel and Team Development

  • Operational Capacity


A review of these areas must address process costing to establish the cost drivers

of the process, process mapping techniques to establish a common understanding

of the process and critical activities, cycle time analysis and customer and/or

stakeholder analysis.


Future vision is also paramount to any business process review and re-engineering.

THinK’s approach enables organizations to identify their requirements and build a

shared understanding of the performance expectations of all stakeholders.


Once the review is complete, THinK can assist with planning and implementation

of any improvement initiatives. Any changes required, will have an impact on the

people, systems and processes within the organization. THinK brings extensive

Project Management expertise to bear to ensure successful implementation of these

initiatives and achievement of client expectations.

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