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Managed Services

THinK Managed Services

THinK brings decades of executive level applied Global experience, through our employment with organizations like IBM, SAP, Imperial Oil/Exxon to its Managed Services offerings. Operational experience underpins our work with ‘Client’s when conducting workshops with their employees. Observations and recommendations are derived from jointly developed feedback sessions with your employees, complemented with Global leading practices.

The definition of Managed Services has many variations, all of which are correct from the parties’ point of view. For our purposes, let us consider Managed Services as encompassing agreed activities related to the provisioning of development, maintenance and innovation services required to meet ‘Client’s IT requirements (as aligned to business needs). In many cases, Managed Services commence during the implementation transition phase of an Application lifecycle. However, organizations are now broadening this definition to cover an application implementation phase, as well.

THinK has the capability to provide Services in the following areas:

  • Business casing for changes in application sustainment models: at both a CxO level and a detailed/comprehensive approach;

  • Point of view reviews of ‘Client’s current Managed Services delivery model;

  • Advice in the development and review of RFI and RFP documents;

  • Advice and participation in Procurement related contracting activities;


Many organizations are reviewing the effectiveness of their Managed Services delivery models. Assessments are being driven by factors including the increasing speed of change driven by transformational activities, ongoing cost optimization demands and the challenges associated with employee demographics & skills matrices. Reviews are being conducted based on current application suites, or in instances where new application investments are being concluded (i.e. a new ERP investment).


We suggest business casing may be considered within two contexts.

  1. An executive review is valuable to understand the ‘art of the possible’, given current state vs Global leading practices models. The associated value proposition provides a view of the range of benefits of transforming Managed Services, where Globally accepted capabilities are leveraged. The conclusions provide points of view for consideration by your CxO committee. This process becomes an initial check point for approvals to proceed to further investment analysis. This CxO report is presented in Executive Summary format utilizing ‘Client’s’ resources (2), along with our staff (2). Generally, this work takes 2-3 weeks.

  2. Given CxO approval for further analysis, we are in a position to undertake detailed business casing, which concludes necessary value propositions and plans for broader CxO committee reviews. The resultant report often becomes the investment basecase, ready for funding reviews. This activity is completed with resources from both Client’s’ (5) and our staff (2) and takes 4-5 weeks to finalize.


THinK has vast experience in leading Managed Services delivery teams. ‘Client’s may wish to obtain an operationally based point of view regarding the effectiveness of its Managed Services delivery model vs Global practices. A ‘fresh’ set of eyes viewing performance often results in opportunities for change. More specifically, we will be commenting on areas such as:

  1. Governance

  2. Operational performance

  3. Cost effectiveness

  4. Continuous improvement

  5. Management of risk

  6. Ability to manage HR skills requirements


THinK has worked with varying forms of Global, national and local RFI/RFP requirements overviews over the years. We bring executive level overviews from the Supplier side of the table which will be useful when developing ‘Client’s document provisions. Understanding the Supplier’s requirements and capabilities will place ‘Client’s in a better position to issue specifications which align to your requirements, and a Supplier’s willingness to provide specific Managed Services. During our workshops, we will engage in discussions related commercial provisions of the transaction such as in-scope Services, service levels and pricing. Our services will assist ‘Client’s to focus on critical RFP provisions and avoid omissions/oversights. Getting the specifications right may save ‘Client’s millions of dollars.

During Contracting, ‘Client’s may wish our participation in a passive form (behind the scenes) or active manner (fully engaged at the table with your legal counsel) to provide advice. THinK has extensive experience in negotiating Managed Services contracts and we understand the Supplier’s point of view. We are able to assist you to appreciate the Supplier’s position and tailor your requirements to better align with your/Suppliers’ needs. We have the experience to advise you on what is possible with your preferred Supplier. Our expertise will assist ‘Client’s optimize its negotiating position and net the best possible deal.

THinK delivers pragmatic operationally based points of view, based on our 80 years of experience with major organizations. We look forward to further discussing your requirements.

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