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Project Management Office (PMO)

Pillars for Transformational Success

The three (3) Key PMO Project Management Pillars of THinK are directly related to the quality controls of projects that increase the chances of success. The three pillars that THinK stand for and carry through all their projects to ensure projects can be a achievable include critical success factors such as:
  • Strong governance at all levels including VISIONARY / STRATEGIC / OPERATIONAL;

  • Top down / bottom up transformational approach.

  • Measureable and achievable project plans and schedules;

  • Measureable controls over the scope / budget / time / resources;

  • PMO controls including risk / issue management; deliverable & milestone completeness; change management; transformation deliverables; project deliverables & milestones etc.

Quality Assurance
  • Q-Gate structures and measureable quality assurance steps;

  • ASAP and Diamond Methodology frameworks

By embracing these three pillars, THinK have found that projects will be successful, no matter how large or small. To affirm success across projects THinK uses these three pillars in a triangulation of governance, project metrics and quality assurance techniques, which includes, but is not limited to, the management of executive expectations; strong lines of governance, scope, cost, time; and quality assurance methodologies that include Q-Gate configurations and the proven Diamond Methodology. This triangulation is the cornerstone to any successful project and is the backbone to utilizing the THinK PMO Diamond Methodology (see below) for successfully implementing transformational programs. Striking a balance between these three key components is essential to properly establishing project management metrics and increasing success rates in business transformational projects.
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