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THinK Best Practice Services - Training

What are the major challenges that a project faces when it comes to training?

  • Limited Knowledge of the new system

  • Lack of time

  • Competing priorities

  • Lack of Business participation

THinK Best Training Practice Strategies


Training and development is a means by which organizations can achieve better results and is critical to successful performance management.  If used correctly, training can add value to the products and services your organization offers, providing you a competitive edge.  Organizations, which consistently rate in the top 100 around the world, have one thing in common: a total commitment to training and development.  Not just lip service, but a demand that training and development makes a real difference to the results of the business, and which can be evaluated and measured.


Contemporary learning theory has enabled significant advances in our understanding of workplace learning over the last two decades.  This has resulted in workplace training that is specifically focused on particular individual needs and which targets individual and organizational opportunities for recognisable performance improvement.  Identification of training needs, design of on-the-job based programs, coaching, mentoring, job rotation, special assignments, development of programs, delivery, and evaluation, all facilitate outcomes focused training which leads to competency and expertise faster than has traditionally been the case. 


THinK believes that training must be able to deliver knowledge and skills as and when they are required to achieve organizational objectives in ways that are user friendly, focused on specific target groups and individuals, and which are measurable.


Results do not occur without effort and appropriate planning and the application of specific expertise.  Developing training that delivers outcomes, requires that specific needs and causes be identified.  A design suitable for the culture, specific circumstances, individual competencies and experience enhances the results of training efforts.  Development that incorporates the selection of specific strategies, methods and experiences to deliver the required outcomes, and which will complement the organizational culture and management style, increases the individual competency and job results after training.  Evaluation that measures the outcomes, adjusts the process; as-a-result of data collected throughout the training, and provides feedback to line management has greater integration with daily management and performance.


Training and development is a management tool through which performance is enhanced.  Your business’ performance can be improved utilizing THinK’s experienced and highly skilled staff.  We have specialists, in Training Needs Analysis, Skills Audits, and Competency Profiling.  We also offer specialists in design and development of training to meet proven needs, ensuring that your training and development dollar is spent on activities that work.  Our presenters are of the highest caliber and can provide either a one-on-one situation or group training.  Finally, we can also provide detailed evaluation protocols which link to the proven needs and can demonstrate success.

THinK Best Practice is the answer!

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